My Philosophy


I really am all about connecting. I would rather grab a coffee than ‘correspond’ on email, see your lovely faces than text back and forth. Call me Court, not Courtney. Please.

Oh, and I’m definitely going to hug you the very first time I meet you. I’m that kind of girl.

The magic that you see in my images comes from more than two people following my directions on how to pose on their big day. The magic shows up when you as a couple allow me to see right into the heart of your relationship, its when you get vulnerable, when you really let me in. It's all about trust. And if you’re willing to trust me, then I’m your girl. I’m there to shoot moments from the inside out, to get personal with you and to break some rules.

After all, I’m there when your mom sees you in your dress for the first time. I’m right up in your face while you and the boys struggle to get your ties straight, joking around trying to calm the nerves. I’m capturing the stolen looks, the first kiss, the hand squeezes, the vows - every ridiculously precious moment that make up your ‘I do’s’.

Basically I’m your professional third wheel. 

And if you’ll have me, I’m all in. I put far too much love and energy into my people - that’s you by the way - to be just another vendor on a to-do list. I’m fully invested in your relationship and your day. I’m there for you, and for all the memories you’re making along the way.


Hey, I’m Court


I’m South African based Wedding, lifestyle and Travel Photographer. My passion for capturing moments started in 2017. Growing up on a farm I always wanted to do something with animals. Thinking when I picked up my camera, I would be a wildlife photographer, but as usual nothing ever goes to plan. People have always been a big part of my life, surrounded but souls that are just as passionate about life as I am, show endless love to each other and have wandering spirits - is what fuels me. I draw inspiration from what inspired me to start in the first place - earthy tones, natural textures and the sense of freeness, whether it be animals, nature or anything that surrounds me.



Meet the Team 


This is Court, your biggest fan and the girl behind the biz. She loves spontaneous adventures, moon gazing and cuddling with Ruby. She thinks she has a killer singing voice (more like killing your ears) and will make you shake your booty to a good dance tune every chance she gets. She has no filter and will tell you exactly how she feels, but thankfully you can win her over with a decent amount of sarcasm. Loves a good sunset with a gin in hand, has hair as wild as her personality, and is always getting lost in her own imaginaion. She spends her life planning her next adventure and will encourage you to follow your dreams even if you think they’re out of reach. Normally she doesn’t say much, but if it comes to a topic she loves, she’ll talk your ear off. Has tons of indoor plants but can’t keep them alive. A farm girl at heart who loves a comfy pair of vellies, a rad hat and days spent on horseback. When she grows up, she wants to convert an old school 4x4 in to her home, and tour the world in it - with Ruby of course. Told you she loves a good adventure!



This is Ruby. Court is her biggest fan even though Ruby has no business skills. She loves napping on the couch, car rides and playing with her toys (this is painfully annoying). She hates cuddling Court, but is forced to on a daily basis. Loves a good swim, and looks surprisingly like a shark in the water. Not big on emotion - you’re lucky if you get a little tail wag sent in your direction. Is deathly afraid of the dark and strange sounds. Court dreams of having Ruby along on shoots, but turns out she’s camera shy (did Court take too many pics of her as a pup?). When she grows up, Ruby dreams of finding someone who will throw a ball for her 24/7.


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